About The Aquarist

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Sizes and types of fish varied greatly over the years and I’ve enjoyed the hobby immensely.  My favorite tank was a 30 gallon African Cichlid tank. I loved the colors of the Cichlids and their personality.

While working at a pet store in college, the store owner decided to begin selling saltwater fish and supplies, I immediately found my new calling. Or so I thought

First let me make it very clear that there is a significant difference in freshwater and saltwater. If you haven’t been able to successfully keep freshwater fish, then your chances of being successful at saltwater are probably not good. Saltwater tanks are also far more costly due to the higher prices of the livestock, equipment, food and chemicals.

I started a 30 gallon saltwater tank shortly after the store where I was working started selling saltwater fish and supplies.

We had no clue what we were doing and my personal experience nor the stores was very successful. We didn’t have the right filters, lights, water or food. Both myself and the store where I worked soon stopped our salt water efforts and refocused on freshwater fish and tanks.

Fast forward to 6 months ago. While surfing around on Craigslist one evening, I came across a lady selling a 75 gallon glass aquarium, florescent hood, and oak stand for $150.00. I made her an offer of $100.00, she took it and a day later I was driving home with the basics for my second try at a saltwater aquariums.

The past 6-months have been quite a learning experience for me and there is one main lesson I’ve learned: research, research, research!

Before you just jump in like I did, spend some time reading books, forums, blogs and other websites. Find a really good local fish store that sells saltwater and talk to the sales people. Learn everything you can. Doing so will keep you from making some costly mistakes like I did.

Trust me, there’s a big difference between losing a $2.00 Tetra and a $45.00 yellow tang!

The intent of Aquaria Hobbyist is to share what I learn with you. I’m a simple guy, and thus the explanations will be simple and easy to understand.

A big problem I’ve found with different online sites and forums is that the information is just overwhelming. Not here. I’ll make it easy to follow and easy to understand, hence the tag line: Aquariums Simplified.

I’ll be writing articles about the lessons I’ve learned, reviewing the various products I’ve purchased and even asking you the reader for your input. Ill also provide tips and techniques to guide you in your journey and hopefully we can learn together!