Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank: Top 10 Aquarium Reviews

55 gallon fish tank dimensions

The 55 gallon fish tank is by far the most popular fish tank size for beginners as well as seasoned aquarists. You can choose to have a long, rectangular tank or a tall, hexagon tank. Either way, that’s a lot of space and you’re going to have fun setting it up and stocking it!

55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

The first thing you’ll want to do after choosing your 55 gallon fish tank is to get a stand for it. Once filled, it will weight over 400 pounds so be sure to a very sturdy base for it.

There are a number of different styles, shapes and colors when it comes to aquarium stands ranging from $25 to a few hundred dollars. Since it will be a very prominent piece of furniture you’ll want to shop around and choose carefully.

Setting up

Once you have placed the 55 gallon aquarium on its stand and positioned it where you want it, be sure that it will not be in direct sunlight. Carefully wash your choice of gravel and cover the bottom of the tank with it.

It’s important to buy gravel instead of collecting it outdoors, as commercial gravel has been treated to avoid any bacteria or parasites. If you have chosen to have an undergravel filter be sure to install it first. Now you can fill it with water and let it sit at least 24 hours before you populate the tank.

Decorating your 55 gallon aquarium will be fun!

You can choose artificial plants or live ones but if you decide to have live plants be sure that you have two or three fish that thrive on algae and other byproducts of the plants. Some fast-growing plants may tend to get out of hand so choose them carefully. You’ll also want places for the fish to hide and object that they can swim through and around.

The temperature of the tank is important, too. Make sure that you get a fish tank heater that is adequate for the size of your tank and get the water to the perfect temperature before stocking the tank. Once you get the temperature right and your filtering system going, you’re ready to add fish!

Unless you want to specialize in one or two types of fish, you should choose community fish that get along with everyone. Colorful guppies, Ruby Barbs, Zebras, orange and black Swordfish and Neon Tetras are all good choices for a community tank. Guppies are enthusiastic breeders so you may want to stay with only male guppies, whose colors will beautify any tank.

Now you can relax and enjoy your beautiful 55 gallon aquarium and all your colorful and active fish!